Tell No One

Tell No One (2006)

A man receives a mysterious e-mail appearing to be from his wife, who was murdered years earlier. As he frantically tries to find out whether she's alive, he finds himself being implicated in her death.

Plot Keywords: loss of loved one, drug abuse, falsely accused, based on novel or book, secret, sadness, planned murder, dying and death, e-mail, cover-up, love, grief, disappearance, murderer, false accusations, killer

Original TitleNe le dis à personne
DirectorGuillaume Canet
WritersGuillaume Canet, Philippe Lefebvre, Harlan Coben
Production CompanyLes Productions du Trésor
Production CountryFrance
Spoken LanguageFrançais

Alternate Titles

Ne Le Dis A Personne
Kein Sterbenswort - Sag es niemandem!
No se lo digas a nadie
Fortæl det ikke til nogen
Berätta inte för någon